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Documentary: The Russian Revolution 1917

20/09/1710:30 am - 11/11/2012:00 pm

Overview of life in Imperial Russia and the consequences of war.

Food revolts lead to February Revolution

The Czar abdicates.

The Provisional Government continues the war,

Germany helps Vladimir Lenin return to Petrograd.

Failure of the Kerensky Offensive,

Widespread desertions,

The October Revolution.

Germany supports the independence of Ukraine and Finland,

A punitive treaty on the Bolsheviks


When?     Wednesday morning 20 September 2017

                  10.30 am


Where?     British Heritage Society (in the Berea Bowling Club)

                    Ferguson Road Glenwood  (corner Brand Road)

                    Secure parking in the grounds of the Berea Bowling Club


Cost?          R40 (includes refreshments)

                    Subscriber members pay only R20.

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