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Is our earth eating itself alive? Is our earth full? Are we heading for catastrophe?


Despite 50 years of warnings about global warming, humankind has yet to grasp the urgency for change. Meanwhile, Earth’s population is continuing to live beyond its means.


Join us on Friday morning 28 July 2017  at 10.30 to watch 2 TED talks by two eminent experts


Environmental activist Paul Gilding paints a bleak picture. On the other hand Dr Hans Rosling of Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute is more optimistic and believes it is possible  to achieve sustainable, global population growth and avoid future population catastrophe.


Where?          British Cultural and Heritage Society

                        Ferguson Road off Brand Road Lower Glenwood Durban


Cost?              R40 cash at door.  Includes refreshments

                        Subscriber members pay only R20


For more information ring Rochelle on 084 44 66 362 or 031 205 56 64


BBC TWO Documentary series: The Story of China

02/08/1710:30 am - 16/08/1712:00 pm

Join us on  Wednesday morning  2 August 2017 to view Episode #5 The Last  Empire

Our guide is Michael David Wood an English historian and broadcaster. He has presented numerous well-knownTV documentaries as well as written several books on English history.

In this documentary series (6 episodes), Wood explores the history of the world’s newest SUPERPOWER, from its ancient past to the present day. He embarks on a great historical adventure, exploring the stories, people and landscapes that have helped create China’s distinctive character and genius over 4000 years.

  • Episode #5     2 August 2017       The Last Empire
  • Episode #6        16 August 2017     The Age of Revolution


Where?     British Cultural and Heritage Society, Ferguson Road, Lower Glenwood

When?      10.30 am to 12

Cost?         R40 cash at door (includes refreshments)

                   Subscriber members pay only R20


For further info ring Rochelle 084 44 66 362 or 031 20 55 664

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